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What a difference the rain makes

Last week we were in Kyneton, which is an hour’s drive North West of Melbourne (two hours from home). Twelve kilometres from Kyneton is Turpins Falls.

Turpins Falls_9995We visited there in March last year and discovered that there was very little water flowing over the falls – as you can see from the photo on the left. (Click on photos to view larger image in Gallery)

This year we discovered what a difference the rain makes. Central Victoria received a huge dump of rain in early June and it has continued to get reasonable rain ever since. The result can be clearly seen from the photo on the right.Turpins Falls_6361

I have posted other shots I took last week here.

We also visited Sailors Falls and Trentham Falls and I will be adding photos of those in the next few days.

They were also flowing well, so well, in fact, that many locals were out having a look because it has been so long since they had seen so much water flowing over them. I will add those photos in the next few days.

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