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Night Photography

I enjoy the challenge of taking timed exposure shots at night. Like the one on the left of the old Melbourne Ferris Wheel or the one below of the gardens at the Lakeside Country Club […]

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Shooting Flowers, Trees and Ferns

The huge variety on flowers, trees, and ferns across Australia mean there is always a huge array of colour, whatever the Season. Sometimes that simply means a huge variety of different shades of green, yet […]

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Landscape Panorama Photos

I enjoy creating panorama photos. The difference between a ‘Landscape’ and ‘Panorama Landscape’ photograph is that a Landscape is usually a single image photo showing a portion of scenery as seen from a single view point. […]

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Welcome to my photography website. I enjoy taking a wide range of photos, including panorama landscapes, night time images and especially nature photos that display God’s wonderful creation. In a world that seems obsessed with speed and instant […]

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