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Landscape Panorama Photos

Kilcunda Beach - Victoria

I enjoy creating panorama photos.

The difference between a ‘Landscape’ and ‘Panorama Landscape’ photograph is that a Landscape is usually a single image photo showing a portion of scenery as seen from a single view point. Panorama Landscapes are usually made up of multiple photos.

These terms do become confused because shooting a digital image with a full frame/large format camera, which allows considerable cropping to be done, and can produce what appears to be a Panorama photo.

How I produce my Panorama photos

I take all my photos in very large, ‘Raw’ format and they are usually around 20 – 30 MB per photo. This allows cropping to take place while still leaving a good size image and cropping the top and or the bottom of a photo, or both, can produce what appears to be a panorama photo. Some of these photos are in my Landscapes Gallery.

I also ‘stitch together’ a number of photos taken in sequence. This method requires some forethought, planning and carrying the right equipment.

The best results come when one uses a tripod. (I will talk about tripods in another blog as I’ve just bought a new one.)

A series of photos needs to be taken, on ‘manual’ setting, so that the light is consistent with reality across the range of photos. Otherwise the camera ‘chooses’ to change settings to brighten or darken individual photos and they will not stitch together well.

A good photo stitching program is required to put the photos together. Fortunately, there are free ones that can be downloaded from the internet.

I use Panorama Maker 6, which, sadly, is no longer being supported by Arcsoft, but is a good program and works well. It also allows for a frame to be put round the finished panorama photo and titles etcetera to be added. Panorama Maker 6 will also stitch horizontal photos and create 360° photos.

Have a look at my ‘Panorama Landscapes’ Gallery to see more examples.

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