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Europe-UK 2017 Holiday

Having returned from 7 weeks in Europe and the UK I discovered I had over 8,000 photos to sort. ‘Why so many?’ you may well ask.

A Paris Metro station


Firstly, taking multiple shots of the same scene, building, flower, etc. is always better than taking one photo.

Discovering you have an out of focus shot of a great scene, when it is the only one you have, will ruin your  day when sorting through your photos. Other things you can ‘fix’ in post production (editing) but if a photo is out of focus it means you can’t do anything but delete it.

Secondly, ‘Bracketing’  photos requires the taking of  multiple shots of the same thing.

Amsterdam Castle

Bracketing was not something I had experimented with very much, so I decided to give it a go. This means taking three (or more) shots at different exposure settings and then, using Adobe Lightroom or another editing program, placing the three on top of each other to give a more 3D or High Density photo. In other words a greater depth of field.

Thirdly,  making wide Panorama photos requires a number of shots in progression across the scene in front of you. And of course, doing it more than once is essential to make sure you get a set worth merging.

Panoramas can be between 2 and … well any number of photos, but the more you have the harder it is to get them ‘knitted’ together. I have taken up to seven but less is sometimes more and you need to experiment. Panorama photos are explained in a previous blog, ‘landscape-panorama-photos

Strasbourg Sunset

How thankful I am that we shoot digitally rather than on film these days!

So, after the initial run through of each day’s photos I deleted around 2,000 and then nearly another 1,000 after making HD and Panorama photos. I now have  to decide what to do with just over 5,000 photos.

I have started to place SOME of my Europe shots in a ‘Europe 21017’ gallery. I will add a ‘UK 2017’ gallery shortly, and also a ‘Railways of Europe & the UK’ gallery too, as we rode many mainline, mountain, and preserved railways.  I will also be producing two 120 page coffee table photo books. That will keep me busy for a while.

Until next time…

Peter Stokes

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