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A Moving Holiday, Part Two – Cruising the Bight

Cruise ship Astor

Sea cruising was a new experience for us. Firstly, we spent four nights aboard the ‘Cruise Maritime Vessels’ (CMV) Astor. travelling from Adelaide to Perth, non stop. Then, after two nights in Perth, we again boarded the Astor for another five nights afloat, this time with a one day stop in Esperance and another in Albany.

My gallery, Cruising the Bight, is part two of our ‘‘A moving holiday’ series, and deals with our time afloat. The next gallery will deal with our visits to Esperance and Albany, and the one after that will cover our time ashore in Perth.

The Astor is a relatively small cruise ship by today’s standards, with just 600 passengers – which was quite big enough for me!

We were very fortunate to have calm seas, despite people continually telling us how rough the Great Australian Bight can be. That said, the wind coming across the Indian Ocean on the last day of each cruise was very strong and increased the swell quite considerably.

There was not a great deal to look at on the first cruise across the Great Australian Bight to Perth. In fact, we didn’t see any land until we reached the south-west corner of Western Australia. Neither did we see any other ships, except the one I photographed shortly after we left Adelaide.

Fun Food Art!

Perhaps the most disappointing thing was that we did not see any sea creatures, because I was hoping we would at least see some dolphins surfing in the boat’s bow wave. On the other hand, there were plenty of sunsets, a lovely sunrise and, of course, plenty of good food, deck games and evening entertainment. One evening the catering crew put on an amazing buffet with a huge variety of ‘food art’!


In terms of photography, I’m not sure cruising is the best sort of holiday. One can only take so many sunsets and sunrises across the ocean and the shore visits are quite short and usually so ‘organised’ that they limit the photography potential, unless you wander on your own, which is not always possible.

Will we do another cruise? That is a decision for another day!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my gallery, ‘Cruising the Bight‘.

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