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Shooting Flowers, Trees and Ferns

The huge variety on flowers, trees, and ferns across Australia mean there is always a huge array of colour, whatever the Season.

Sometimes that simply means a huge variety of different shades of green, yet at other times it is a huge array of bright colours, especially in spring and through summer.

Yet as autumn arrives the gold, yellow, reds and browns make a beautiful contrast, both in the trees and on the ground as the leaves fall. This is especially so in the Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne and also in the Ovens Valley where Bright is situated.

Even in winter there is plenty to see and the Australian rainforest takes on a glow all its own. The lichen on constantly wet treas can produce fascinating results through the lens.

There is always something to catch the eye, and the camera lens, if only we take the time to look around at the beauty God has created for our enjoyment.

I have to admit that I know very few names of the flowers I capture through the camera lens. If you know any that are not labelled, and there are many, please write a comment on that photos page, and I will label them.  
A tripod is essential for close up photos of flowers. A wide aperture also helps to get the depth of the flower. Even then the slightest breeze can cause blue when taking close up shots so the still of the early evening is often the best time if you can avoid long shadows.

As always, practice with exposures can be rewarding and don’t forget to take multiple shots of the same flower on different settings, that can certainly mean the difference between success and failure.

Stop, look around you, and always have the camera handy, you never know what you will see.

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